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Iraq - Iraq South Terminal

The Iraq South Terminal (IST) is situated in the South port of Umm Qasr on Berth 4, Gulftainer began operations in November 2018 working in conjunction with Manarat Umm Qasr a locally based marine services company.

The southern port was constructed during the 1940s. The port offers bonded storage for containers only. The Iraqi Port Authorities (IPA) in 2018 are in the process of removing all covered warehouses in the port; for private cargo, all services and equipment are provided by private terminal operators. The IPA has created a new “electronic gate” control system for calling, stevedoring and invoicing vessels. This system is operated and monitored from a control room that tracks vessel movements and can review the paperwork converted to the electronic system.

IST can offer customers best in class performance, excellent customer service and proven port processes from Gulftainer’s vast experience going back to 1976.

The terminal has direct access to the main Basrah Highway and to the major oil fields in Southern Iraq, and is close to the Umm Qasr Logistics Centre. It has a secured and dedicated entrance from the main highway with controlled movement of vehicles, with on-site customs clearance and safe, secure general cargo storage areas.





Quay Length(m)260

Quay Cranes2



Approach channel Width & Depth Minimum Width of 400 Meters & Dredged to Depth of 11.5 Meters.
Turning Basin width ( Turning Circle) 400 Meters.
Maximum Draft at berth / Port Restrictions 8.5 Meters A/S
Maximum Inbound Draft :   (1) @  High Tide - (2) @  Low Tide 9.5 Meters ***NOTE: Vessel Movements Restricted to HT at Max 8.5 Draft***
Maximum Outbound Draft :   (1) @  High Tide - (2) @  Low Tide As Above.
Tidal range 5.0 Meters.
Distance Pilot to berth (N.M) 54 Nautical Miles.
Total Quay Length 200 Meters ***Please Provide V/S Details Prior to Confirming Any V/S Call***
Number of berths 1
Surface of Container Yard stacking area (sqm)

55,000sqm with further storage areas due to be completed in 2019 totalling 200,000sqm.

Total Number of Cranes 2 x Gottwald HMK260E MHC's.

The terminal provides a range of services which include

  • Stripping and Stuffing Services
  • Custom Clearance
  • EDI facilities
  • Container Freight Station
  • Storage
  • Inland Transportation

Working Hours

The Terminal operates 24 hours a day, every day throughout the year except for Holidays.
Receipt and Delivery of cargo is made between 08:00 – 16:00, 7 days a week. Any activity outside of normal working hours will be charged on overtime basis. Overtime rate for vessel operation can be provided upon request.


Click here to view Tariff for Consignees wef 01 Nov 2018.

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Terminal Address

Gulftainer Iraq
Basrah, Iraq

Location Map

Key Contact Numbers

In order to have better control, proper distribution and follow up action of incoming messages, please send your messages in email as detailed here under:

Nic Gray
General Manager
Tel : +964 78 08099757

John Creasey
Operations Manager
Tel : + 964 78 08624250

ICT Documentation

ICT Planning

Duty Superintendent
opersupdt.iraq@gulftainer.com- +964 78 22933802

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