Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance - (Internal Audience)

This is where Gulftainer’s pledge to UN Global Compact is relevant. Two of its four principles (labour and anti-corruption) are tied into Corporate Governance pillar of Gulftainer.

A. Work Place Equality: Gulftainer constantly thrives to reduce work place inequalities. The company has a very diverse profile of nationalities. Considering, it is a male dominated industry, a step taken towards implementing female leadership is by training programs and hiring more female managers. Existing female staff is also being empowered to rise high in the corporate ladder.

B. Anti-corruption: As pledged with UN Global Compact, Gulftainer is in the process of designing anti-corruption awareness campaigns in Gulftainer across its facilities. Complaint boxes will be installed, tracked and rectified and continued to ensure complete adherence to anti-corruption guidelines set out by Gulftainer’s policy heads.

Corporate Governance - (External Audience)

A. Equality and Empowerment : Gulftainer senior women staff can share their career path and expertise with upcoming woman leaders of the future and empower them with confidence.

environmentB. Anti-corruption : Gulftainer partners with Pearl Initiative. Prominent business leaders from across the Gulf Region formed Pearl Initiative in 2010 to create a non-profit vehicle for the Private Sector to collectively take a lead in adopting higher standards in corporate, accountability, transparency and governance.

Gulftainer senior management attends and pledges for Pearl Initiative’s UN Pledge

Gulftainer senior management attends and pledges for Pearl Initiative’s UN Pledge

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