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UAE - Sharjah Container Terminal

Sharjah Container Terminal (SCT) was the first container terminal in the United Arab Emirates which began operation in 1976. It is located at the heart of the Emirate of Sharjah which is the third largest of the seven emirates within the UAE.

Throughout the Terminal’s history, Gulftainer has continued to improve and develop the port to serve Sharjah and all the other Emirates with our hallmark efficiency and productivity for which we are very proud. With direct links throughout the Gulf, Asia, Europe, Americas and Africa, Sharjah Container Terminal is an ideal gateway for Import and Export cargo.





Quay Length(m)740

Quay Cranes4



Approach channel Width & Depth 200m at Breakwater, dredged to 12.5m
Turning Basin width ( Turning Circle) 700m
Maximum Draft at berth / Port Restrictions 12.5m
Maximum Inbound Draft :   (1) @  High Tide - (2) @  Low Tide (1) 12m (2) 11.5m
Maximum Outound Draft : (1) @  High Tide - (2) @  Low Tide (1) 12m (2) 11.5m
Tidal range 1.7m
Distance Pilot to berth (N.M) 4.5nm
Total Quay Length 740m
Number of berths 4
Surface of Container Yard stacking area (sqm) 180,000 sqm
Maximum Size/Type of Vessel (handle) 336m LOA / Panamax
Total Number of Cranes 4, (2 x QC Post - Panamax , 2 x MHC)
  Sharjah Container Terminal is an ideal gateway for Import and Export cargo located at the heart of the UAE. The port connects UAE shippers to worldwide shipping network through both direct and feeder container shipping services

The terminal provides range of services which include

  • Daily vessel services connecting global ports to Sharjah
  • Less than Container Load handling facilities
  • Custom Clearance
  • EDI facilities
  • Container Freight Station
  • Warehousing
  • Inland Transportation
  • Weighing Bridge
  • Container Maintenance and Repair
  • Inland Transportation

Terminal Brochure

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Working Hours

The Terminal operates 24 hours a day, every day throughout the year except for Holidays. Normal working hours are from Saturday to Thursday (excluding Fridays and Public Holidays) in two shifts from 06:00 hours to 1400 hours and from 14:00 hours to 22:00 hours. (The normal working hours will reduce during the Holy Month of Ramadan as per local customs and traditions) Any activity outside of normal working hours will be charged on overtime basis. Overtime rate for vessel operation can be provided upon request. Overtime rate for Gate movements (i.e. receipts and dispatch of containers) will be:-
  • From 22:00 hours to 06:00 hours Saturday to Thursday will be at the rate of Dhs.25.00 per container move.
  • Friday’s working hours will be from 08:00 hours to 18:00 hours unless otherwise notified and the overtime will be at the rate of Dhs.25.00 per container move. Any requirement after 18:00 hours can be arranged upon request subject to overtime rate which can be provided on application.
  • Working hours and rate of overtime on Public Holidays will be notified as and when applicable.
  • The terminal is open for vessel work 24/7/365.


The expected time and date of arrival of your vessel is to be advised to Terminal, Harbour Master and Control Room well in advance and to be confirmed 72, 48 and 24 hours prior to arrival with draft and any special berthing requirements. Agents are to provide the following documents a minimum of 24 hours prior to vessel’s arrival:
  • Vessel particulars
  • Legible Discharge/Load stowage plan and profile
  • Baplie if EDI available
  • Hazardous Cargo list, Reefer Cargo Control List, OOG Cargo etc when applicable.
  • Discharge/Load lists
Following details to be included in declaring the vessel particulars:-
  • Vessel Name
  • Service
  • Flag
  • Official Code and IMO number
  • Call sign
  • LOA/Width and draft
  • Teu capacity and reefer plug availability
  • Number of Hatch lids
Discharge list to be submitted well in advance prior to arrival of the vessel and should contain the following details.
  1. Vessel name and voyage number
  2. Container Number
  3. Size and Type (if reefer – please provide set temperature or copy of manifest)
  4. Gross weight
  5. Port of Loading
  6. Port of Discharge (Destination)
  7. Status- Show as follows: -a) FCL –Container local deliveryb) LCL- Consolidated cargo for unpacking at CFS and provide LCL manifest to CFS Dept.c) T/S – Trans-shipmentd) MT-Empty containers
  8. If IMCO cargo – please provide IMCO Class No. and UN Code No. and supply a copy of the manifest)
  9. High light if cargo is over height or over width
You may provide any other information, which would help us in the process of vessel operation. Load list also to be submitted prior to vessel arrival and it has to contain the following details: -
  1. Name of the vessel to be loaded
  2. Container Number
  3. Size and Type
  4. Full or Empty
  5. Gross Weight
  6. Destination
  7. If IMCO cargo – please provide IMCO Class No. and UN Code
  8. No. and supply a copy of the manifest)
  9. High light if cargo is over height or over width
  10. Export declaration or Transit Bill of Entry for full containers must be received at
SCT prior to vessel arrival and please note that failure to submit the Customs Documentation would result in shut out of the container from load list. Empty release for export collection: A separate message is required to release empty for export collection stating the quantity, size and type, shippers name, Transport Company etc are to be mentioned.  Driver has to produce the copy of your release letter at release counter for identification. Receipt of full container for export: An acceptance letter required which should contain Container Number, Size/Type, Gross Weight, Destination, if IMCO cargo, IMCO class and UN Code Number, Name of the vessel to be loaded etc. Export Declaration must be submitted at Terminal office prior to vessel arrival. We have a Weighing Bridge facility and if full exports are to be weighed on receipt, it has to be specified on your acceptance letter As and when Vessel operation completes, we will be providing you a Vessel OperationCompletion Report, which will have
  1. Summary of containers discharged on your account
  2. Summary of containers loaded on your account
  3. Any exceptions noted on discharge of your containers - such as discrepancy in containers numbers, any damages noticed, container with out seal etc.
Terminal Operating System (TOS) access is available upon request and includes features such as live container enquiry and container reports. If you require access, please liaise with our Commercial Department for account registration.

Safety & Security

IMCO Restriction
IMCO Class UN No. Cargo Remarks
1 All EXPLOSIVES  Example:Arms, Ammunitions,Fireworks, Blasting explosives etc. Will not be accepted without permission from concerned Govt. Authorities. Direct delivery mandatory if permission received.
2.1 1057 Gas Lighters, Refills for Gas Lighters etc Strictly on the basis of DIRECT DELIVERY during Summer and thereafter, prefer direct delivery or must be cleared with in 48 hours.  Failure to clear the container with in 48 hours would result in imposing severe penalties.
4.1 1944 Safety Matches
5.1 1748 Calcium Hypochlorite Acceptable in temperature controlled containers (reefers) but prior permission must be taken
7 All Radioactive Substances Will not be accepted with out permission from concerned Govt. Authorities. Direct delivery mandatory if permission received.
8 1789 Hydrochloric Packaging should be of highest standard . Prefer direct delivery or must be cleared with in 48 hours


Click here to view SCT Tariff w.e.f 1st Jan 2024.
Click here to view Standard Terms and Conditions.

General Support

Container Tracking

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Terminal Address

Sharjah Container Terminal
P.O. Box – 225,Sharjah ,UAE

Key Contact Numbers

Terminal Manager
Tel :+971 6 506 6011
Email :tm.sct@gulftainer.com

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Contact Desks Email
Terminal Manager tm.sct@gulftainer.com
Terminal Superintendent gtlsup.sct@gulftainer.com
Vessel Planning shipplan.sct@gulftainer.com
Yard Planning yardplan.sct@gulftainer.com
Documentation Supervisor docsup.sct@gulftainer.com
Documentation Superintendent docsupdt.sct@gulftainer.com
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