Logistics Centres

Gulftainer has considerable expertise in the area of operating Logistics Centres, having set up and operated such centres in the UAE and in Iraq. Sharjah Inland Container Depot is a part of this development, and covering an area of almost 140,000 sqm, it is a city within a city, comprising of 35 warehouses, bonded Customs and Health Inspection facilities, stripping and stuffing areas, Repair facilities, an office park for Liner Agencies and large open areas for container storage.

Development is also ongoing on the International Logistics Centre at Al Saja’a in Sharjah, UAE. This will be a 650,000 m2 facility with office parks, distribution centres, Trailer parks, housing facilities and other life support services as required in such mega projects. It is expected that the Centre will commence development within the year.

Gulftainer has also developed the Umm Qasr Logistics Centre, a 750,000 sqm facility north of the port of Umm Qasr in Iraq. This facility is serving mainly to the Oil,Gas and Energy sectors and has secure warehousing and storage facilities, all under bond. With in-house Customs and IPA offices, customers can use the facilities as a one stop shop for all their logistic needs.

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