International Port Management

Gulftainer has come a long way from its humble beginnings, managing the very first container terminal in the United Arab Emirates in 1976 to managing port facilities across 4 continents.

Gulftainer has five pillars for success which have served the company well over these 40 years and they form the core of our work ethics and business strategy.

  • Cost Leadership
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Service Flexibility
  • Leveraging Existing Carrier Relationships
  • Supply Chain Integration

Gulftainer prides itself on being an independent, privately owned port operator, which provides best in class service to all its customer segments. Our current asset portfolio and future investments are based purely on their merits and not tainted by the need to fit in with vested interest agendas.

Gulftainer is no ‘here today gone tomorrow,’ fair-weather partner, we never walk away from a challenge or a commitment, listening to the needs and ambitions of those for which we work with and for. We know the landscape and are part of the chain of events, maximising value at every point.  The company is big enough to make a difference – small enough to have senior managers directly involved in all issues, always engaged to make effective decisions.

The international reputation of Khorfakkan and Sharjah Container Terminals despite powerful local competition is clear evidence of the success of this policy. Many port authorities throughout the world have sought Gulftainer’s expertise, this is why today Gulftainer operates 8 terminals within the Middle East, the highest of any other operator in the region, and has taken its first steps into Europe and South America.

We are also currently in discussions with several other Port Authorities all of whom have come to Gulftainer precisely because of this well-deserved reputation for achieving good performance and working co-operatively with Port Authorities for long term solutions and mutual benefit.

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