Gulftainer organises a blood donation campaign in Khorfakkan

10 Apr 2012

As part of a humanitarian company initiative.

Gulftainer Khorfakkan Terminal recently organised a blood donation campaign at the company's office building in Khorfakkan Port, in cooperation with the blood bank unit at Khorfakkan Hospital.

The campaign has reportedly received an encouraging response from the staff of both Gulftainer and the Department of Seaports and Customs at Khorfakkan Port, and is part of Gulftainer's company initiative to increase its role in supporting the local community.

Mr. Ed Finbow, the Terminal manager said: "We are delighted to be able to help the Khorfakkan hospital in arranging this blood drive today to not only increase the stocks of the hospital's blood bank, but to better increase the awareness of health education among all our employees as well."

"Today has shown us just how easy it is to help and make a difference. The procedure was made so easy by Khorfakkan Hospital staff, taking just 10 minutes out of each employee's time and integrating it easily into the working day. We are sure that the turnout for the next blood drive will be 100% after the employees saw just how easy and painless the whole process was," he added.

Gulftainer and its employees organise such campaigns and support this noble cause with the aim of rendering help to patients who are in need of blood, as part of its social responsibility towards giving back to the community.



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