Gulftainer promotes quick and efficient imports through Khorfakkan Container Terminal in Sharjah

10 Apr 2023

Shipping companies can save 10-12% of their network expenses by sailing to Khorfakkan

Andrew Hoad, Chief Commercial Officer at Gulftainer

Imports from Pakistan through Khorfakkan Container Terminal arrive a day earlier than other ports, resulting in significant cost savings.

According to Gulftainer, this is a more cost-effective and efficient shipment process for exports coming from Pakistan through the company’s Khorfakkan Container Terminal (KCT). Shipping companies can save 10-12% of their network expenses by sailing to Khorfakkan due to lower vessel fuel costs.

Andrew Hoad, Chief Commercial Officer at Gulftainer, says, “Pakistan and the UAE have historically always had great trade relations, a trend that continues strongly till today. We have determined that the KCT is a highly efficient port to transport valuable exports from Pakistan, resulting in future growth and enhanced business relations between the two countries.”

“Through KCT, shipments reach the UAE a day earlier as compared to transit through other ports. Additionally, transit time between KCT and consignee warehouses is reduced by four to five days on average, as compared to imports through other terminals in the UAE, further benefiting from supreme and exceptional quality of services.” Hoad concluded.

KCT is the only fully-fledged operational container terminal situated within the Emirate of Sharjah, additionally serving as a convenient land bridge to local container imports further into the UAE. The terminal allows more direct access as compared to terminals situated in neighbouring areas, resulting in significantly reduced shipment processing and transit times.


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