Gulftainer signs sponsorship agreement with Al Mina Basrah Football Club, Iraq

16 Sep 2009

Sport plays an important role in maintaining community spirit and fostering cooperation.


As part of its ongoing commitment to upholding the ideals of corporate social responsibility (CSR), leading international port management and logistics firm Gulftainer has signed an agreement to sponsor the Al Mina’a Football Club (Port Club) in Basrah, Iraq.

The agreement was signed in Basrah on Thursday 10 September by Mr Keith Nuttall, Gulftainer Group Commercial Manager, and Captain Hadi Ahmed, Team Manager of Al Mina’a Football Club, in the presence of Mr Aziz Shniwer, Deputy Director General of the Iraqi Ports Authority, Mr Ibrahim Serhan, Gulftainer Business Development Manager (Projects), and other senior officials.

npr42_sportsAbove: Keith Nuttall, Captain Hadi Ahmed, Mr Aziz Shniwer, Mr Ibrahim Serhan and other senior officials at the signing ceremony.

Speaking on the occasion, Gulftainer Group Commercial Manager Keith Nuttall said, "We are delighted to be here, and to be able to show our support for the people of Iraq in ways going beyond our day-to-day operations. Since Gulftainer is a port management firm, it seemed only fitting that we focus on Basrah and sponsor the Al Mina’a team. The football season begins in October, and all of us at Gulftainer look forward to supporting our team throughout the coming season."

"The signing of this sponsorship agreement is an indication of Gulftainer’s commitment to the country and to the region in general, and our desire not only to contribute to development projects and infrastructure growth, but to support all aspects of the lives of the people in the communities in which we operate. We consider soccer to be a social sport that brings people and societies together, and it is our hope that the Al Mina’a Football Club will continue to achieve great things in the future, as it has in the past."

Gulftainer Business Development Manager (Projects) Mr Ibrahim Serhan said on the occasion: "Gulftainer's commitment to sponsoring local community activities and sports stems from the deep conviction that a balanced mind needs a healthy body, and that sports in general - and soccer in particular - play a very important role in maintaining community spirit and fostering cooperation between its members to achieve a common goal. In times like these, this spirit that brings unity is much needed in Iraq."

Captain Hadi Ahmed, Team Manager of Al Mina’a Football Club, said, "We are delighted to be entering into such a partnership with Gulftainer, and we look forward to a very successful League season."

The Al Mina’a Football Club ( is part of the Iraqi Premier League, and was the first team from outside Baghdad to win the Iraqi Premier League in 1978.

Gulftainer has operations and is involved in projects throughout the region, including the UAE, Kuwait, Turkey, Pakistan and Comoros and the firm is currently progressing initiatives in Iraq as well.


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